Annual General Meeting 2019

IBM Hursley Club


TUESDAY 11 JUNE 2019 AT 12.15 PM



  1. Validity of the meeting

  2. Apologies for absence

  3. Minutes of the meeting held on 26 June 2018

  4. Matters arising

  5. Annual reports:

    a. Chairman

    b. Bar & Catering

    c. Entertainments & SCR

    d. Facilities

    e. Finance

  6. Elections of Officers & Committee

    At the closing date for nominations there were 7 nominations so all are elected unopposed:

    Abigail Bettle-Shaffer

    Colin Boulain (B)

    Jill Robinson (B) 

    Kevin Smith  (B)   

    Neil Simpson (B) (C)

    Nick Garrod   (B)

    Sarah Cope                                                            

    (B) = Bar Committee, requires meeting approval (C) = Chairman

  7. Appointment of the independent examiners for 2019-20

  8. Any Other Business